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Love is the answer! book cover

A novel about men, not just for men.  

Hamburg. Present. Erik loves Fynn. But they are both married and their double life brings them more trouble than joy. In addition, their relationship soon comming out and only then does it begin to show how strong the feeling is between them.

And if any...


Love is the answer! is a bravely and readably written novel about the relationship between two married men, real dads from families. A powerful story of men who we don't know who they really love. And how many lives they live ... 


An ancient great inheritance, divided from the beginning into 9 shares, and two groups of evil orders, each of which for its own reasons seeks to acquire all its available parts.

The year is 2000 and a handsome young gay man is aimlessly drifting through life as an orphan as a gogo dancer and fashion model. The main piece of the game, which may have been played long ago, in which one of the inheritance parts is played, only becomes thanks to the last photo shoot in Spain. There begins a wild adventure for him, which includes a labyrinth of secret passages, kidnapping, guns and murders, but also limousines, luxury and new social relationships that also hide their secrets.

The protagonist Damián takes you not only to the world of photo modeling and professional companions, but also to his memories of Spain and to the hidden corners of the Golden Leaf - an impressive art nouveau house in the center of Prague. Will he manage to find the treasure in the tangle of tension, fear, intrigue, but also romance and occasional humorous moments?

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