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Adam Šindler: Shut up!


I'm sitting on the bus and I'm turning Grindr on. After all, I do that quite often because I'm just curious. Where are the guys around, if a nice guy doesn't text me or send me a sexy photo with a nice dick. In short, innocent virtual entertainment. I promise nothing to anyone, I offer nothing as well.

"Do you want me to suck your dick?"

Empty profile, clear message. I dismiss this idea at first, but it keeps rolling around in my head and refuses to pack up. I'm going back from my dentist, I have the rest of the day off, and the idea of a quick cumshot is tempting.

“Ok. How you look like?" I'm writing straight to the point, after I've internally agreed that I want to try. Black profiles are erratic. That a monster is hiding behind them is more likely, but not a rule.

“Show your dick,” he writes in the second sentence as I look at one of the three photos he sent. A nice, young guy, about five or seven years younger.

My interest is growing. So I am sending pictures of my cock and I hope he likes it.

“Nice, your size?”

I hate this question! You see a nice equipment, so what else are the dimensions for? Do you have a centimeter limit or something? I'm getting panic in fear that he will reject me. Just when I'm getting used to it and the first stains from my soaking cock appear in my shorts.

"Normal, european average," I don't know which answer is correct. Some people don't want to blow small dicks, some people don't want big dicks. Who should know about it, how to hit someone's preferences?

“Ok. Do you have time now?"

Now? I didn't expect that, he doesn't get along with it. Again comes the internal struggle. It's often better to live the day just thinking it's going to happen than actually doing it. I feel like more to pretext. To say that I don't have time now, but that we can arrange another time. Which is practically a fuck off, because on Grindr it's now or never.

“I have time. Where do you want to meet?" I finally write the fateful sentence after considering all the pros and cons.

"Come to my workplace, shopping mall on Chodov."

Oh shit, I'll have to go back! Of course, I've already covered a few stations since I've been texting him! Is it even worth it? And there comes another wave of doubts, whether to go to this event at all. Wouldn't it be better to get off in a while, come home and jerk off in peace?

But that idea doesn't appeal to me today. I'm just in the mood for action. I've actually made up my mind, I just can't figure it out yet.

"Okay and where can I find you?"

"I'm seller in the W&W store. Grab some clothes and try them on in the very last fitting room on the left. I'll come to you then."

What the hell?! Blow job in the fitting room? In broad daylight? During operation? Oh dude! The head is controlled by horror and panic, but the dick knows its stuff. He reliably begins to harden in my pants. It is decided.

I just have to get out and come back!

The idea that cumshot is within reach sends me into a frenzy of excitement. My dick twitches and a wet stain is already seeping through the shorts onto the surface. I shyly look around to see if anyone can see.

"I'm here," I enter the store, a little shaky and my eyes search for him.

He is standing behind the cash desk and looking at his mobile. He then looks up and quickly returns to the phone in his hand. No one seems to be in the store.

He looks as good as his photo. Thoughtlessly, I grab some discounted swimsuits from the hooks and head to the fitting room. I turn behind him at the last moment, he's still staring at his cell phone. Completely inconspicuous.

I carefully close the curtain of the last room on the left. I pull down my shorts and take out my dick. The tip is gooey. I rub it on my glans, it makes me hard. I'm so horny. I'm waiting to see what happens next. I slowly wank.

Then the curtain shakes, a small gap appears and his head in it. Phew. I am relieved and a wave of excitement washes over me at the same time. My dick is completely hard and incredibly huge.

“Hi,” he slides in and kneels.

When he puts it in his mouth, my knees buckle. My dick loves his mouth. He sucks beautifully for a long time, enjoying every movement. At the same time he pulls my balls. I want to scream out loud, but I don't dare, so I just huff.

My dick is getting strongly hard and really irritated. I start thrusting, he holds. I load it into his throat, he holds it and his face turns red. Sometimes he stutters trying to catch his breath. I give him rest, but only for a moment, and then I pull the dick all the way back again. I hold his head so he doesn't flinch. He holds and wank his own. I didn't even notice when he managed to take it out.

I'll cum soon, it's inevitable. I want to enjoy his great blowjobs for a while longer, but it's already the last seconds. My dick is throbbing, I switch my ass and am about to squirt down his throat.

"Not in the mouth," he dodges at the last moment.

"Shut up!"

Now he wants to deprive me of the best? Not by chance! I take him under the chin, and again I fight my way to his throat. And now it works! I cum and feel the first shot end up in his throat. I thrust a little more, but it's practically useless, the orgasmic wave throws loads of cum into his mouth in quick spurts.

I've been cumming for an incredibly long time, I haven't cumshot in at least two weeks. He holds and I pat his red cheeks appreciatively. Really cute boy!

As soon as I pull it out, he gets up and runs backstage somewhere to spit out my precious genetic material. It will end up in the trash somewhere, such a shame.

I close my hood and feel like a king. I disappear from the fitting room and the shop, the boy is nowhere to be found. It's probably still spitting out somewhere right now and rinsing his mouth with disinfectant. A bit sissy, isn't it?

No mercy

I take the first bus back again, nicely sucked and satisfied with how succesfull I was in the end. I confidently look around at the people around me and I am proud of what a determined alfa male I have discovered in myself.

You're trudging from work, while I've emptied my balls nicely, I'm bragging in my mind and I'm still in the fitting room in my thoughts. I'd actually do it again, it got me pretty solid.

"Milan, what are you doing here?" I hear a familiar voice, just as I'm exiting. I turn around and Martin, a very good friend, gets up from the seat. So good that we had a good time together more than once.

"Hey, hey," I'm surprised, "I didn't see you at all!"

"God knows what you're thinking," he readily teases me.

You don't even want to know what I was thinking the whole way, I'm smiling in my head. 

"How are you, long time no see?" I ask and we walk together a little further from the stop, where we stop at a bench.

"Yeah, you're right, we haven't chatted in a long time," Martin responds immediately with complete honesty, "you'd have to reply to my messages sometimes too."

"What are you saying? I…?” I'm immediately on the defensive.

"Should I show you?" he pulls out his mobile, searches for our chat and shoves the screen in front of my nose.

He presses strongly on me from the side and violates the intimate zone. He's so naturally manly aggressive that it sets off wishful vibes in me.

“Here, yeah! Three months ago - an excuse, two months ago - an excuse, six weeks ago - no response!" he crushes me with arguments.

I am laughing. I have nothing to say to him, it's all true. I give him a conciliatory pat on the back. How could I be so bold and not want his sexual offers?

"Save the comforting for another time or you know what?" a spark of lust glimmers in his gaze, "You can fix it right now!"

"Like now huh?" I'm at a loss.

I just had a great cumshot and I'm not in the mood for another round, which he can't know.

“Sure, mend your tarnished reputation. Are you going home?” shoots in the black. He looks at me so horny and runs his hand lightly over my ass.

I'm fighting in my mind. But it is clear to me that I have no chance of rejecting him. When he caught me here.

"But I didn't plan it, I'm not ready," I desperately try to come up with another excuse, but it's immediately clear to me that I have no chance.

"You'll wash up your asshole before I drink coffee at your place," he doesn't allow any discussion at all. Yeah, that's so sexy about him.

He undresses right away in the living room. He is still in perfect shape, so hot. He heads to the coffee machine and takes a capsule from the locker. Just like home. I look at his beautiful butt and I'm actually a little sorry that I can't look at it more often.

"Aren't you in the bathroom yet?" he turns to me and enjoys suffocating me.

Bastard one! He knows very well how it works for me. I'm not a complete fool, but with him I turn into a submissive bitch every time.

I go to him and we kiss. I caress his beautiful ass and enjoy a hot kissing.

"Go now, go now," he pushes me away as proof that he's in charge here now.

He's waiting for me in the bedroom. Sprawled on his back, in total comfort, he wanks his prick.

"Well, finally," he orders me, "come on and suck me."

Obediently I go. I taste his glans and work magic with my tongue. At least that's what I think. He quickly gets hard and gently thrusts in the coming pleasure.

"I missed this," finally something kind comes out of him.

I love his dick and give it my best. It doesn't take long before he gets up and spins me around from behind. I'm digging a hole in it and now I'm quite looking forward to it.

I hear him open the drawer next to my nightstand where I keep the condoms and gel. He licks me lightly at first, but then he squeezes the contents of the tube onto my hot, I'm not afraid to say, pussy, because now I want nothing more than him to fuck me until I loose my mind.

"Ehhh, hee heee, ehhh" he is inside me without regret.

I really enjoy him in me, swaying in my hips, while he grabs me lightly by the neck, on the one hand to confirm his dominance, and on the other hand, to fuck me more comfortable.

I have him inside me and I'm melting like cotton candy from a pilgrimage. Today it is so strong and so intense! The asshole sizzles with bliss, and every move it makes is heavenly pleasure. It's actually weird to me!

I turn a little towards the bedside table and look in vain for the torn condom wrapper.

That's why! At that moment, everything in me tightens, pleasure is futile and my head is raging with evil thoughts.

"Not without condom!" I scream eventually.

"Shut up!"

What?!! I'm hot and my temples are pounding furiously. Is this possible? I see the boy in the fitting room, his scared eyes, how I loaded my fortnight's dose of cum into him and I don't have the strength to do anything now. This is called live karma.

Martin grabs me by the neck and fucks me for dear life. I feel powerless, defenseless, just a piece of body to satisfy my master. All of a sudden I find that it really turns me on. My already hard dick jerks strangely with it and somewhere under the balls a feeling is born that I don't know yet.

I obediently shut my mouth and my ass. And without any touch I'm cumming under myself. Inside I'm writhing in an orgasmic frenzy, while on the outside I don't even make a sound because it's so intense I can't stand it. I look down as I sprinkle the sheet thickly and I don't understand where it's coming from.

Martin falls on my back, roars like a bitch and splashes into my asshole. Then he takes dick out, wanks the last remnants of pleasure from it, and falls away. He leans straight on top of me, gratefully kissing my neck and stroking my hair.

"I take the PrEP now. Didn't I tell you?" he gets me and he doesn't forget to add his half-ironic smile. 





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